Nothing is more important to us than the quality and comfort of our contacts.
Precisely Manufactured

We spent nearly a year exploring the production of contact lenses and visiting various plants. After careful consideration, we decided to work with Ginko. A contact lens manufacturer that received the "European Quality System for Medical Devices" certificate in 2008 and has since proudly labeled all products with the CE mark.

Ginko produces billions of high quality contact lenses, which are worn worldwide from New York to Tokyo. They use state-of-the-art injection molding technology to make our lenses and conduct regular testing to ensure the highest quality.

All-Day Comfort & Sharp Vision

Our lenses are made from high-grade methafilcon A hydrogel material. With 55% water content, UV protection, and a thin edge, they're designed for easy insertion, all-day comfort and crystal clear vision.

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Quality Independently Confirmed

We know our contacts are great, but we wanted to make sure someone independent agreed. So we had the respected University of Houston College of Optometry conduct a double-masked study involving more than 45 contact lens wearers. Drum roll...they found no significant differences between the comfort and visual sharpness of our contacts and the most popular brands in the U.S.

See Green

We want you to have both healthy eyes and a healthy environment. So both our lens packs and our boxes are 100% recyclable. We help you see the world - you can help make it worth seeing.

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